South Korea’s leading brand publishing firm enters blockchain space, to decentralize advertising

Blockchain is fast gaining the attention of traditional businesses. Everyone wants to use this new piece of technology to its limits and beyond. From medical to privacy protection to financial, blockchain has found use in every industry except advertisement.

Now one of South Korea’s leading brand publisher, ELSOL company, has a solution to enter this space. Using blockchain they plan to decentralize brand publishing. The platform developed by them is named INFLEUM and is aimed at startups more than big corporations. It’s like Amazon but for brand publishers. Brand publishers can connect with startups, provide them their service and earn INFLEUM tokens. The idea is to introduce a level of transparency in a closed place.

The blockchain platform being developed by INFLEUM will have 3 main features,

Combined wallet service: Allows users to manage INFLEUM tokens that are used as units of payment on the platform, as well as a smart contract agent machine, to help users participate, verify and execute campaigns in an effective manner.
Eight DAPPs: Redito, Redink, Retteb, Redinero, Redichek, Channeljoy, Socu and Reditail that support all stages of the value chain.
The INFLEUM ecosystem: which allows users to access services such as social networking, content publishing, advertising spaces, and direct commercial functions, as well as crowdfunding.
According to Phoenix Choi, CEO & Co-Founder of INFLEUM,

“ELSOL services give brands extra time and resources to focus solely on their business development, reaching an efficiency rate where a new brand can be launched as a business within 100 days. INFLEUM is based on ELSOL’s in-house platforms. We hope to provide the solutions and infrastructure that support the growth of independent brands on DAPPs, and will also integrate new functions for connecting and rewarding users.”

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